about us

The association's mission

The association "Children's Equal Rights" was created in 2012 by Eva Wikmark Walin to support children who have not had the opportunity to "equal right" to grow up with security and their own parents by their side!

"For children who have the courage to fight loneliness, indifference, oppression, lack of emotional and financial support and injustices committed against them!"

This compound shall be maintained in the spirit of:


And "In memory and in honor of ancestor Mihkel Truusööt - an enthusiast with a strong character and drive to achieve that has affected many in both Estonia and Sweden".

Placing the association's focus to Estonia is based on Eva Wikmark Walin's drive and desire to reconnect with family origins - creating a stronger link to the country, to be able to sponsor and work with children in the "proximity" to Sweden. - Through partnership with different orphanages act to change the conditions and opportunities for one / some of these children "in need" and create a relationship with Sweden.

Work for sustainability and that their individual development needs are met, particularly by supporting and promoting education through various channels.

Mrs. Eva Wikmark Walin has during many years visited Estonia, been in various parts of the country but choose Viljandi as one community to sponsor, as the preferred choice due to her own mother being born there and her ancestors home town.

Purpose and Target

Creating relationships for the children through sponsors and mentors. To provide financial support and opportunities for development in various forms, for example to be able to award a scholarship once a year to one of the children to study! We will also provide necessities and other things of need from small to large, work with education and stressrelated actions for the teacher's. The association is politically independent.