Eva Wikmark Walin

Founder Children's Equal Rights

Nordic recruitment manager at IBM Nordic

Owner Eva Wikmark Consulting

Eva Wikmark Walin (48), management consultant with extensive experience in organizational- and leadership development, is the founder of the association Children's Equal Rights. With an educational background in Economics, Human Resources, Cognitive behavioral therapy and Integral psychoanalysis, Mrs Wikmark Walin drives the issues for Estonian orphanage children's equal right to education, mentoring, development and social security. Mrs Wikmark Walin has an Estonian background herself. 

Janar Sutt

Business Sweden, Market unit manager Estonia

Board member and trusted advisor of Children's Equal Rights

Janar Sutt (41) has worked with international business development over 8 years and has during the time assisted a big number of Swedish businesses in their expansion towards the Baltics. His has a background from the university of Tartu where he graduated with a degree in sociology. Before he joined Swedish Trade and Invest Council, he worked for a multinational IT company. Janar has had the opportunity to live and study in Sweden. This is why he has a good insight into both cultures and is in a good position to assist the organisation.

Marie Thor

Consultant for Sogeti, Sweden

Board member of Children's Equal Rights

Marie Thor (55) has a thorough consultant background from banking and finance since 15 years, with Testing/QA as her subject matter expert area for secure payment solutions and systems. Her current employment is with the consultant company Sogeti in Sweden changing career path from may years a EVERY Card services recently.

Marie as a close friend to Eva Wikmark Wallin with a similar family background, has helped the organization out since it started and brings with her the passion to make a difference for children with special needs to give them equal opportunity. Outside of work she also pursues an interest in painting porcelain, furniture and glass as well as creating silver jewlery.

Christer Wikmark

Social Business Specialist @ IBM Sweden

Owner Implosion Sweden

Board member and Social media advisor of Children's Equal Rights

Christer Wikmark (41) works as a Social Business Specialist to inspire organisations to develop social collboration strategies and further improve collaboration within their companies as well as with their customers. A passionate runner and nutriton advisor he also owns and operates Implosion Sweden to assist his clients in training and eating to optimise their health. He is a mentor and renowned speaker around Social Collaboration, training and health. 

Lynn Sutt

UK Trade and Investments, Trade Advisor

Board member of Children's Equal Rights

Lynn Sutt (37) works as a Trade Adviser for the British Embassy in Tallinn and as a biomass and bioenergy specialist at the Estonian Ministry of Agriculture. With her Finnish-Swedish-British background, Mrs. Sutt has graduated from the University of Helsinki with a degree in Political science. Mrs. Sutt hopes to help the organisation with language and project management skills.