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Koeru Perekodu orphanage was established in 1994 as a part of the Koeru Service home . At that time they shared premises with a retirement home but the generation gap between the older and the younger residents became an issue. Therefore, it was decided in September 1999 to move the orphanage to the current premises owned by Koeru municipality on Sõpruse street. These children got the apartments there (now the orphanage ) and along with it even a little garden land where kids could entertain themselves from spring to autumn. The children are accustomed to helping their teachers, picking wild berries and making jam together for the winter amongst other things.

The surroundings

The orphanage is located in a beautiful area that is close to a nature conservation area with mineral water sources. There are also walking trails leading to the center of Estonia's largest natural lake " Vainjärv " in Ervita village .
Many places in Koeru surroundings have a rich historical background , for example, they have been able to preserve the Aruküla mansion which today runs a music school.


The children at the orphanage have good opportunities to get an education close to home. At school, there are also the option to practice various hobbies and sports. In addition to the school , they can also participate in various activities at the local arts- and culture house and youth center.


Koeru Perekodu is one of the smallest "substitute homes " in central Estonia. In Koeru Perekodu there is room for 16 children, but today 10 children between 12-19 years of age live there, 7 boys and 3 girls. The orphanage has seven teachers of which one of the teachers, Maie, has worked there since the orphanage was established. All children have their own room which they themselves may decorate . During school holidays and public holidays, the children have the opportunity to visit their relatives and nurture relationships with them. The seven children are studying at local schools in Koeru, but also at vocational schools outside the municipality. The boys are talented in football and wrestling. One of the boys are interested in drawing and painting, and is therefore a member of the local art club.

Other activities include various excursions and 'events' . The goal of these activities is to broaden the children's horizons and prepare them for the future. Recently, they visited the new air port museum in Tallinn, the "TV Tower" and have even been to a theater and walked around in "adventure courses" . The orphanage tries to offer a reality for their children as close to the normal family life as possible.
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