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SA Perekodu / Estonia

The Foundation Perekodu has been established by the Union of Viljandi County Municipalities. We provide different welfare, educational and rehabilitation services for children and families with children from Viljandi County. If necessary and depending on our capacity, we may also provide the same services for clients outside the county.


To provide appropriate education, rehabilitation, support of development and guidance for the child in need of assistance in cooperation with individuals of significance to the child and the network of the child.


Teach me to live and help me to understand


The Foundation Perekodu was established by the Union of Viljandi County Municipalities, and took over the tasks previously performed by the Viljandi Children's Help and Social Centre on May 1st 2012. The Children's Help and Social Centre was established in 1994, and at one point Karula Reform School, Viiratsi Children's Home and Väikemõisa Children's Home were merged with the establishment. In 2008, Karula Reform School was separated from the Children's Help and Social Centre and merged with Ltd. Hoolekandeteenuste. In 2008, 2 family houses were completed at the Children's Help Centre in Pärsti Municipality. In the same year a private school by the name Jaagu Kindergarten-Elementary school commenced operations. In 2012 two family houses were opened in Väikemõisa and another two family houses were opened at Künni Street in Viljandi.


The establishment is located in 3 municipalities: Viljandi City, Pärsti and Saarepeedi Municipalities. In the main building the following functions are located:

The office of the establishment
The rehabilitation team

Located in the other areas we have the family houses and substitute home's named as: Sipsiku family, Tiger family, Squirrel family, Nuts family, Hill family and the Pooh family.


We provide the following services:

Substitute home
Care of child with severe and profound disabilities placed into partial care on the basis of parental application
Care service for children in need of temporary emergency shelter
Child care service
Support persons

Jaagu Kindergarten-Elementary School – educational establishment for children with severe and profound intellectual and multiple disabilities.